About Us - Bhartiya Mandal Foundation

Bhartiya Mandal Foundation (BMF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization built on the pillars of cultural awareness and community service. Our goal is to create an institution to preserve our Gujarati heritage through various cultural events while also giving back to the local San Francisco Bay Area community.

BMF aims to deepen our understanding of our history and culture as Gujaratis and recognize our responsibility to support each other, our community, and the larger society.

Bhartiya Mandal Foundation takes its inspiration from India Club which was founded in 1973 when they acquired the Bhartiya Mandal Indian Community Hall located on 440 Ellis Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. This hall has been a sanctuary for San Francisco Gujaratis for decades offering a cultural events center which has hosted countless cultural events such as Raas Garbas, weddings, Diwali and Holi Celebrations plus much more.

Many of our Board members have grown up and built lifelong relationships attending cultural activities at the Bhartiya Mandal Hall.

BMF was established with many of the same goals as India Club and we want to carry on this vision while protecting their legacy as the first Gujarati cultural organization in the United States.


BMF values giving back to our local San Francisco Bay Area community. We coordinate events and activities such as donation drives, community clean up activities, and charitable events for those in our local community who are less fortunate. BMF looks to create innovative approaches to impart social change for the advancement of all peoples while also looking to affirm a sense of Indian-American identity and cultural values.


One of the primary pillars of BMF is to build upon a foundation of Indian cultural awareness. We aim to cultivate and continue to perpetuate the values, ceremony, cuisine, rituals, religion, and culture of the diaspora of India so future generations can carry forth traditions and a sense of community. We perform this crucial function by education and events such as Diwali, Holi, Gaarba and more.


Bhartiya Mandal Foundation is built open a decades old credence begun by the establishment of Bhartiya Mandal Hall, an Indian Cultural Center in Downtown San Francisco. Established by next generation Indian-Americans who have grown up attending events at The Hall, BMF is poised to carry forward a deep heritage of Indian culture to the next generation of Indian-Americans and the wider Bay Area community.


BMF holds a variety of events from a large and colorful Holi Celebration to ring in the beginning of Spring to an annual charitable golf tournament plus many more educational events and fun activities for children and networking events for adults. Check out our calendar of events and stay engaged with Bhartiya Mandal Foundation.